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  • DL210KN wheeled bulldozer

DL210KN wheeled bulldozer

  • Model:DL210KN wheeled bulldozer
  • Operation Weight:16900KG
  • Rated power:162KW
  • Maximum Traction:136KN
  • Lateral blade width:3354mm
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1. Full hydraulic steering, power shift transmission, hydraulic control operating device, the manipulation of light, flexible and comfortable.
2. The working device adopts the box structure of the push arm, the push frame, the adjustable length of the connecting rod structure and the ball link.
3. Chain block type construction machinery transmission shaft, strong impact resistance, high power transmission reliability.
4. Button release of gas pressure protection and emergency braking integration, safe and reliable.
5. Good motor performance, convenient operation, no damage to the road.
6. Equipped with a new type of luxury cab, with a wide field of view, sealed vibration, good operating environment.
Model   DL210KN wheeled bulldozer
Operation weight kg 16900
Rated power kw 162
Maximum traction kn 136
Lateral blade width mm 3354

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