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  • DL900A wheeled bulldozer

DL900A wheeled bulldozer

  • Model:DL900A wheeled bulldozer
  • Operation Weight:29000+/-300KG
  • Rated Power:250KW
  • Maximum Traction:270KN
  • Lateral Blade Width:4434mm
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1. The machine structure is strong, powerful, stable and reliable, safe and comfortable, energy saving and efficient, is the first choice for port and large mine production equipment.
2. Configuration of imported CUMMINS engine, green energy, strong power.
3. International leading quality dual variable system, drive axle, strong impact resistance, high efficiency and reliability.
4. Intelligent independent cooling control system, energy saving and noise reduction.
5. Load sensing variable hydraulic system, fuel consumption decreased by 7%, to extend the service life of the parts.
6. Dual pump technology to improve work efficiency, reduce energy loss.
7. Electronic control handle, easy to operate, flexible, with a push shovel floating function.
8. Advanced electronic monitoring system, set the sound, light alarm in one.
9. Before and after the frame is reasonable, long wheelbase heavy load design, to adapt to a variety of harsh operating environment.
10. Structure optimization of working device, high strength, pushing the stone mountain, Rulvpingdi.
11. The new FOPS&ROPS turbocharged cab, large space, good sealing and low noise, safety and comfort.
Model   DL900A wheeled bulldozer
Operation weight kg 29000+/-300
Rated power kw 250
Maximum traction kn 270
Lateral blade width mm 4434

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