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  • Disc valve motor GN5

Disc valve motor GN5

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Product introduction
GN5 series motor is an advanced Plane distribution cycloidal hydraulic motor.Adopt advanced  design,high efficiency ,high work pressure,low start pressure,steady work,Two-way can obtain the same output torque.reliable shaft dynamic seal.There are three designs for different application:Standard motor,wheel motor,bearingless motor

Using advanced rotor parameter design, low starting pressure, high efficiency, stable running at low speed
Able to work under high pressure, high output torque
advanced shaft seal design,high back pressure bearing ability
Advanced and reliable linkage axle design, make the motor has a long life
Advanced with flow  design, has high precision distribution flow    and wear self-compensation
Motor allows the series and parallel, in series should connect  leaked out  pipe
The circular cone roller bearings supporting design, with large radial load capacity, makes the office of operation of the motor can be driven directly
Wheel motor:flange in the middle of the motor,more conducive to the load ability of motor,and also it can be settled in the middle of wheel,with compact structure.
Bearingless motor :no output axle and bearing .Spline coupling output torque directly.Used in some special case,dimension more smaller,more compact.There must have the suitable internal spline when using this kind of motor.
Compact structure, small volume, drives the working parts directly, reducing the mechanical coupling system need, provides extensive adaptability for the system design
the special linkage shaft spline design makes the motor has high service life and reliability
High volumetric efficiency makes the motor has the stable speed, steady load speed characteristics, can easily realize speed regulation
Advanced manufacturing technique to ensure the motor under different conditions of use has stable performance
Don't use motor with max torque and max rotate speed.
Torque values listed in the table is suitable for the 32 mm in diameter and 1.25 "output shaft, 1" allow maximum continuous output shaft torque and discontinuities
Exceeds allowed back pressure, can leak tube, and ensure the motor chamber can always filled with hydraulic oil
Peak pressure of inlet pressure, the largest continuous pressure. Intermittent pressure all work for the oil return differential pressure, but not less than the peak pressure inlet pressure
The motor stopped working duration less than 6 seconds; Peak work duration of not more than 0.6 seconds
The system maximum working temperature: 80 ° C
Recommended oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil, the work under the condition of not less than 13 cSt viscosity. Filtration precision: ISO 18/13 
Before the motor full load of work, should be under 30% of the rated pressure running about 1 hour, to ensure that the motor before full filled with hydraulic oil
Motor continuous working pressure and working pressure under different flow rate under the same specification, the pressure will be different, as shown in the different working point of performance parame 

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