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  • Excavator clamp

Excavator clamp

  • Height:2450mm
  • Max opening:756mm
  • Max expand width:1273mm
  • Breaking force:60gt
  • Cutting force:200T
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 Excavator clamp application
Classification  and  application of grab bucket classified by function:mechanical grabs,360°rotation hydraulic grab. classified by tooth:two teeth,five teeth,seven teeth.
Widely used in carry and load cane,timber,stone.Scrap metal processing and other special operations.
Classified by shape:Shell type grab,orange-peel bucket.The former is made up by two intact bucket,the latter is made up by three or more jaws.
Classified by drive way:hydraulic bucket and mechanical bucket.
Especially suit for excavate foundation pit,excavate deep pit and load or unload soil、sand、coal、broken stone for train or truck.

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