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1.5 T electric fork-lift CPD15

  • Model:CPD15
  • Capacity:1500KG
  • wheelbase:1280mm
  • Drive motor power-60 minutes:8kw
  • Gradeability :17%
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1.5Telectric fork-lift CPD15D introdcution

The electric forklift truck driven by electricity,Compared with diesel forklift,Has the advantages of no pollution, easy operation, energy efficient。The operator's work intensity is much lighter than internal-combustion forklift,The electric steering system,Speed control system,hydraulic control system,braking systems Are controlled by electrical signals,Greatly  reduces the labor intensity of operators,So this supply big help to  improve its efficiency and the accuracy of work .

1.5Telectric fork-lift CPD15D charcateristic 

•Performance of low speed high torque dc series hoisting motor.
•The performance of dc motor at low speed and low noise of gear pump,Cancel the steering motor and oil pump,To achieve single pump bypass,Lowering the  hoisting and  in the form of noise of the vehicle.
•Advanced and reliable electric control system,High efficiency and low fever, little noise,With thermal protection and thermal compensation, overvoltage, undervoltage protection.
•In addition to the electronic control system protection function,The vehicle also has the operating sequence protection,Seat power-off protection,Brake to keep driving, and other functions.
•User-friendly interactive multifunction meter,Appearance is beautiful,Can accurately display battery power, working time, fault code, etc

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