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  • Model:TC4510
  • Max. Load:4(t)
  • Jib Length:45(m)
  • Mast Section:1.5×1.5×2.5(m)
  • Tip Load:1.0(t)
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Main Technical Parameter
Item Parameter
Model TC4510
Max. Load 4(t)
Jib Length 45(m)
Mast Section 1.5×1.5×2.5(m)
Tip Load 1.0(t)
Independent Height 35(m)
Designed Height 100 (m)
Necessary Electric Power 21.7 KW
Hoisting System
Lifting Speed  
a=2 76/38/10m/min
Falling Speed ≤5 m/min
l Adopting three-speed coiling electromotor with whirlpool brake; l Adopting whirlpool braking motor to reach ideal lifting speed and slow in position of loading
Slewing System
Slewing Speed 0.77 r/min
Slewing Scope 720°
Power 2×3.7 KW
l Adopting hydraulic coupler for transmission, working steady and reliable l There is no shaking or swing while rotating l It can rotate as winds , to decrease the wind influence and ensure safety .
Trolley System
Trolley Speed 21.6/43.2m/min
l Adopting double-speed motor l High running speed l Running steady and reliable
Electric Elements
Control Type Central control
Main Electric Components Schneider Brand (French)
Automatically Trouble Detect Such as overloading, mistaken operation
Sound & Lights Alarm One set
Jack-up Device
Hydraulic System One set
Jack One set

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