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  • T100G Crawler Bulldozers

T100G Crawler Bulldozers

  • Model:T100G
  • Total weight:10400KG
  • Max towing force:95KN
  • Engine model:LR6A3-23
  • Engine rated power/speed:81/2300kW/r/min
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1. The joint venture with British ricardo technology production of diesel engine, low noise, large torque, energy conservation and environmental protection;
2. Using dry, multi-plate structure, combined with the main clutch, often with large torque backup, reliable work, etc;
3. Transmission of 4 f ﹢ 2 r mechanical shift gearbox, simple operation, convenient maintenance, reliable operation;
4. More than four, steering clutch for dry, steering clutch, hydraulic power manipulation, easy maintenance, light control;
5. Transmission: using two stage, straight teeth, big modulus gear transmission, has carrying capacity is strong, high reliability, etc;
6. Work unit: straight tilting shovel, Angle of sanitation shovels, shovel and scarifier device for users according to need to choose a variety of work.
Model Unit T100G
Total weight kg 10400
Max towing force kN 95
Engine model   LR6A3-23
Engine rated power/speed kW/r/min 81/2300
Fuel consumption of the engine g/kw·h ≤242
Engine max torque N·m 400
Forward travel speed km/h Forward 4 gear: 2.6~10.3
Backward travel speed km/h Backward 2 gear: 3.7~6.7
Track board width mm 450
Land pressure kPa 54.4
Overall length mm 4190
Overall width mm 2908
Overall height mm 2982
Bulldozer width mm 2908
Bulldozer height mm 960
Blade max lifting height mm 830
Blade max digging depth mm 370
Traction equipment/Scarifier (optional) / Fixed/Three teeth

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