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  • T80/TS80 Crawler Bulldozers

T80/TS80 Crawler Bulldozers

  • Model:T80/TS80
  • Total weight:8600/9000KG
  • Max towing force:69KN
  • Engine model:LR4A3Z-22
  • Engine rated power/speed:70/2200kW/r/min
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1. Type, the machine use dongfanghong LR4A3Z - 22 turbocharged engine, big power, low noise, energy conservation and low consumption;
2. Gearbox for 4 f ﹢ 2 r shaft mechanical shift, adapt to a variety of environmental work;
3. The rigid chassis, semi-rigid suspension of whole car walking structure;
4. The control of the advanced control system, hydraulic power steering, flexible manipulation and effort;
5. Bridge house is composed of steel welding, high strength, impact resistance, good safety protection;
6. Suitable for small plot environment construction, the work is flexible, high work efficiency;
7. The standard heater, optional usage of air conditioning;
8. Maintenance of the machine adopts humanized design, improve the convenience of maintenance and repair;
9. The machine dynamic economy is good, high reliability, is an ideal construction machinery.
Model Unit T80/TS80
Total weight kg 8600/9000
Max towing force kN 69
Engine model LR4A3Z-22
Engine rated power/speed kW/r/min 70/2200
Fuel consumption of the engine g/kw·h ≤246
Engine max torque N·m 313.9
Forward travel speed km/h Forward 4 gear: 2.4~10.4
Backward travel speed km/h Backward 2 gear: 4.9~8.9
Track board width mm 400/600
Land pressurekPa 53/34
Overall length mm 4200
Overall width mm 2480/2934
Overall height mm 2740/2890
Bulldozer width mm 2480/2934
Bulldozer height mm 922/930
Blade max lifting height mm 736.5/715
Blade max digging depth mm 370/357
Traction equipment/Scarifier (optional) / Fixed/Three teeth

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