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  • TS120N Crawler Bulldozers

TS120N Crawler Bulldozers

  • Model:TS120
  • Total Weight:13500KG
  • Max towing force:115KN
  • Engine Model:LR6A3Z-20
  • Engine rated power/speed:93/2000kW/r/min
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1. The machine adopts technology production joint venture with British ricardo's turbo engine, low fuel consumption, the advantages of large torque reserve coefficient;
2. Steering clutch: using dry, multi-plate structure, manual hydraulic power manipulation, is easy to maintain, manipulation of light and other characteristics;
3. Configuration, type air filter is more adapt to the desert, desert and other special condition of coal demand;
4. Totally enclosed, low noise hexahedron cab, effectively reduce the ear noise, improve comfort, vision to work;
5. The adoption electronic monitoring electrical system, real-time monitoring of the whole machine, guarantee normal operation of the machine;
6. Work unit: straight tilting shovel, Angle of sanitation shovels, shovel, and other devices are available.
Model Unit TS120
Total weight kg 13500
Max towing force kN 115
Engine model LR6A3Z-20
Engine rated power/speed kW/r/min 93/2000
Fuel consumption of the engine g/kw·h ≤246
Engine max torque N·m 526
Forward travel speed km/h Forward 4 gear: 2.4~10.6
Backward travel speed km/h Backward 2 gear: 3.9~7.1
Track board width mm 720
Land pressure kPa 37
Overall length mm 4575
Overall width mm 3375
Overall height mm 2940
Bulldozer width mm 3375
Bulldozer height mm 1040
Blade max lifting height mm 955
Blade max digging depth mm 380

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