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  • Motor grader GR180C

Motor grader GR180C

  • Model:PY180C
  • Operating Mass:16000KG
  • Front Axle Load:5150KG
  • Rear Axle Load:10850KG
  • Max.Forward Speed:38.2km/h
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 GR Series Motor Grader is mainly used for highways, airports, and other large areas of farmland floor leveling and trenching, slope scraping, bulldozing, scarification, snow removal and other operations. It is under construction and water conservancy construction defense engineering, mine construction, urban and rural roads construction, farmland improvement and other necessary construction machinery.

 New designs.
 Adopt articulated frame, with the front wheel steering, small turning radius, mobile and flexible.
 Electro-hydraulic control power shift transmission, 6-speed forward, backward 3 files.
 Adopt international support hydraulic parts, reliable work.
 Blade action is fully hydraulic control.
 Rear axle drive axle is equipped with three-NO-SPIN self-locking differential.
 Adjustable console, seats, steering handle and instrument layout is reasonable, easy to use, improved ride comfort.
 Cab luxury and beauty, vision, good seal.
It can be installed in front bulldozing plate, rear scarifier, front harrow, automatic leveling device.
(Main Technical Parameters)
Operating mass kg 16000
Front axle load kg 5150
Rear axle load kg 10850
Max.forward speed km/h 38.2
Max.backward speed km/h 24.5
Speed gear number   F6/R3
Turning radius mm 7800
Hydraulic system pressure Mpa 18
Blade length×height mm 3965×610
Front wheeltrack mm 2150
Rear wheeltrack mm 2340
Wheelbase mm 6362
Engine power kw 132
Overall dimensions mm 8585×2790×3340
Engine model   6BTA5.9

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